Petr Fiala

graduated from the Brno Conservatory (he studied piano, composition, and conducting) and in 1971 concluded his formal education at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno, where his tutor was Jan Kapr.

Already during his studies, Petr Fiala was particularly influenced by the works of A. Honneger, B. Bartok, S. Prokofiev, B. Martinů, and L. Janáček. Upon graduation from the Academy, he became member of a group of authors striving to achieve a synthesis of new techniques (particularly as regards sound coloring) with the best traditions of the 20th century. Owing to their perceptive balance between tradition and the present, his compositions find many grateful performers as well as a considerable response among the audiences. His works include a number of vocal and instrumental cycles written for children and the youth, numerous solo compositions (for piano, accordion, guitar, violin, violoncello, trumpet, trombone, etc.), five string quartets, many chamber compositions, concertos (for organ, piano, accordion, viola, and orchestra), three symphonies, a multitude of choral cycles, song cycles, oratorios, and cantatas, as well as two musical dramas, namely, a ballet ‘The Burning Stone’ and a feature-length opera ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ on a drama by František Hrubín.

Besides teaching (he is former Professor at the Brno Conservatory) and composing (he has more than 180 compositions to his credit), Petr Fiala has also been active as choir master and conductor for the past 40 years. He has been awarded prices at a number of national and international competitions in both conducting and composition, acts as a tutor at master courses for conductors, and often sits on various international juries. As a guest conductor, he receives regular invitations to participate in productions of vocal-instrumental compositions with both Czech and international orchestras and choirs. He ranks among the most highly acclaimed composers as well as performers; he is acknowledged to excel in constructing large planes with a particular sense for their inner contrasts. In 1990, Petr Fiala founded the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno, which has become one of the elite choral ensembles in Europe under his leadership.

In 2009, the Czech Episcopal Conference awarded Petr Fiala the Order of Sts. Cyril and Methodius for his outstanding achievements as conductor and composer, his contribution to modern sacred music, and his cantatas composed in honor of Czech national patron saints.