Jan Burian 80

Church of St. Barbara, Kutna Hora,

It is no secret that a number of trumpet players took on a major role in the creation of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. After all, the brass section makes for one of the key parts of our orchestra. This year we are celebrating the jubilee of one of our beloved trumpet players, Jan Burian.

His ability to play an extremely fast sequence of tones, yet also soft and sophisticated sounds makes him one of Czech Republic‘s most flexible trumpetists. The vast number of orchestras in which he performed, his wide spectrum of musical genres and the amount of extraordinary records he has made is truly honourable. Jan Burian is not only an exceptional musician, but most importantly, our dear friend and trusted mentor. He listens, helps and supports all those around him. That is why in honour of his 80th birthday, we are arranging a concert dedicated to him. 

On Friday 8. 7. 2022 in the Saint Barbara’s Church in Kutná Hora, his favourite musical pieces will be presented by several of his colleagues, friends and students. Performing will be a group of elite trumpetists, namely Jan Fišer, Jan Hasenöhrl, Jiří Houdek, Jan Hykrda, Arnold Kinkal, Roman Bobík Kubát or Vladimír Rejlek, and the legendary organ player Aleš Bárta. The program will also include renowned composers such as Giuseppe Torelli, Vincenzo Bellini, Ennio Morricone and Jeremiah Clarke.


  • Fuga sopra il Magnificat (BWV 733) for Organ
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Sonata Vespertina for 2 Trumpets and Organ
  • Pavel Josef Vejvanovský

  • Suite in D for 2 Trumpets and Organ
  • Jeremiah Clarke

  • Toccata in C for Organ
  • Fugue in A minor for Organ
  • Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský

  • Concerto in E flat major for Trumpet and Organ
  • Vincenzo Bellini

  • Sinfonia in C for 4 Trumpets and Organ
  • Giuseppe Torelli

  • The Lincoln Letter
  • Ennio Morricone

  • Suite Gothique op. 25 for Organ
  • (Priére á Notre-Dame – Toccata)
  • Léon Boëllmann

  • Concerto for 7 Trumpets and Timpani
  • Johann Ernst Altenburg



  • Jan Fišer, 
  • Jan Hasenöhrl
  • Jiří Houdek, Jan Hykrda, 
  • Arnold Kinkal, Roman Bobík Kubát, 
  • Vladimír Rejlek, trumpets
  • Aleš Bárta, organ
  • Lukáš Tvrdý, timpani