The Loop Jazz Club Hostivař,

The common thread that connects Tribute2Headhunters musicians? Funk of course! This concert pays tribute to the genius pianist, composer and synth pioneer Herbie Hancock, and above all, one of the most energetic and distinctive ensembles you’re ever likely to see - The Headhunters.

As the brains behind the project, pianist Vít Pospíšil approached drummer Otto Hejnic and from then on there was a clear plan about who else to invite. Lukáš Chejn’s guitar style is synonymous with groove and funk, while nobody can deny bass guitarist Tomáš Uhlík’s status as an infallible pillar on which players can rely to deliver the goods. Their unequivocal mutual chemistry, however was truly put to the test during many years of collaboration as part of Jazz Efterrätt. Later they invited one of Europe’s leading solo trumpet players - Jan Hasenöhrl - to join their funk-fuelled rhythmic frenzy, who brought with him a delightful blend of polished classic technique and refined jazz solos as well as experienced saxophonist David Fárek.

And so this unique and unrivalled project came into being. A delightful blend of jazz, funk, electronica and improvisation transcending the usual genre boundaries and delivered by the highest calibre musicians.


  • Herbie Hancock, music
  • Watermelon Man
  • Spider
  • Butterfly
  • 4 A. M.
  • Chameleon
  • Hang Up Your Hang Ups







  • Jan Hasenöhrl, trumpet, flugelhorn
  • David Fárek, soprano a tenor saxophone
  • Vít Pospíšil, keyboards
  • Lukáš Chejn, guitar
  • Tomáš Uhlík, bass guitar, double bass
  • Otto Hejnic, drums
  • Michito Sanchez, percussion